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Serious real estate investors are spending massive amounts of money on marketing every month. 10% to 50% of that is ineffective and wasteful. We are here to change that. MarketShark is an elite marketing consulting company that specializes in marketing analytics for some of the top real estate investors in the country. Our goal for our clients is simple: spend less, get more. Whether you are looking to get started tracking your marketing results, or need someone to take the deep dive into your current marketing return on investment, we have the solution for you.




We began as investors ourselves, doing over 150 deals using the same methods that we advise our clients on.  Since them we have helped many investors take their business to the next, more profitable, level.  If you're ready to become a marketing machine but don't know where to start, we will guide you through the process.


You've got this marketing thing going like a champ, but chances are you're overspending.  You want to get better!  You want to know when a channel stops performing so you can do something else.  We do a deep dive into your existing numbers and set you up to crush it going forward!



We are numbers people and our marketing results are backed by data, not just fluffy zing words other consulting companies like to use. We invite you to check out our own results at the bottom of this page.




For the investor who wants to consistently market across multiple channels but doesn't know where to start, this is for you. After discussing your marketing goals and business model in depth, we use marketing data analysis to reveal the marketing channels most likely to result in success in your target areas. 


We formulate custom marketing plan options and help guide you and your team through the implementation of a multi-channel marketing strategy.  After the marketing is launched, we conduct monthly analytics for 3 months to set your baseline metrics.


Initial Start Up Package is $4,800 which includes initial project analysis, guided set up and implementation with 3 consecutive months of  marketing audits after  project launch. 

*Note: While we will help establish the channels and provide suggestions for implementation, execution of marketing channels will be the client's responsibility. 



For the investor who is currently marketing across multiple channels and wants to dial in Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and get leaner and more efficient.  We will dig into previous performance for responses, appointment attendance, contract profit and attrition, by channel, so that we can eliminate wasteful channels and redirect efforts into more profitable channels.  This will also provide opportunity to dig into key team member performance.

Deep Dive Package is $4,800 which includes initial deep dive analytics to establish baseline metrics, as well as 3 consecutive months of  marketing audits to implement efficiency efforts.


*Note: While we will help establish the channels and provide suggestions for implementation, execution of marketing channels will be the client's responsibility. 


All our packages are customizable allowing you to have control over the items that are important to you. From historical data compilation to direct mail response rate analysis, we can do it all. 

Whether you'd like us to compile your marketing analysis on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, we are here to make sure you a staying on course with your goals. We provide remote consulting along with in depth, in person consulting to help you and your team peak. Contact us with your specific needs and we will create a custom plan that works for you, and your budget.




Monthly spend

Average Monthly Marketing Spend Reduced by $8115.

Prior to targeting in on our marketing, we were shelling out close to $18,000 per month and wasting almost half of it. 

Cost MEtrics

Lower Cost Per Call, Appointment and Contract.

Our cost per call reduced 53%, our cost per appointment reduced 41% and our cost per contract reduced 46% saving us thousands of dollars a month. 

Contract attrition rate

38% Lower Contract Attrition Rate.

Because of our targeted marketing approach, we receive the leads that are the right fit for us. This results in more contracts making it to the closing table.

Return on investment

92% Increase in ROI. 

In January 2018, we were only getting a $1.75 return on every marketing dollar we spent even with spending close to $18,000 each month. By reducing  wasteful spending and

 reallocating our budget, we  were able to increase our ROI to $3.36 per every $1 spent.

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